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A little fun economics to lighten up your day ….

Wife to her Accountant husband:
what is inflation?
Earlier you were 36-24-36. But now you are 48-40-48.
Though you have everything bigger than before, your value has become less than before.

Economics is not that difficult if we have the right examples.
Interviewer: What is Recession?
Candidate: When “Wine & Women” get replaced by “Water & Wife”, that critical phase of life is called Recession!!

Accountancy fact:
What is the difference between Liability & Asset?
A drunk friend is liability.
But, A drunk Girlfriend is an Asset.

An Economist beautifully explained two reasons for having 2 wifes.
A- Monopoly should be broken.
B- Competition improves the quality of service.
If u have 1 wife, She fights with u!
If u have 2 wifes, They will fight for u!
Feel the difference & decide

Sender is not having any such experience and not responsible for any side effects..
——————————–When you are in love,
Wonders happen.
But once you get married,
You wonder, what happened.
——————————–Philosophy of marriage :
At the beginning, every wife treats her husband as GOD. Later, somehow don’t know why.
alphabets get reversed.
——————————–Secret formula for married couples…
“Love One Another”
And if it doesn’t work, bring the last word in the middle.!!!!
——————————–Don’t laugh alone pass it on !!

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