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The website www.yesjokes.com provides web publishing service. Below are the terms and service of using the site which forms as an agreement between the site referred as YesJokes and its users/subscribers referred as “users”.

    1. YesJokes reserves its right to change its services, features, its terms or contents at anytime during its service. This includes but not limited to subscribers usage and rights of using YesJokes such as limits, usage, storage and features.
    2. Access to certain contents differs from country to country which may or may not be legal where you as users of YesJokes will do so at your own risk and you are responsible for compliance with the laws of your jurisdiction.
    3. While YesJokes intends to be available 24 hours everyday, we shall not be held liable for any service disruption at any point of time which could be due to maintenance, upgrades, and repairs of any kind.
    4. Other than contents posted or provided by users , all materials displayed or performed on YesJokes including but not limited to texts, graphics, logos, pictures, audios or videos are property of YesJokes. However YesJokes reserves the right to republish or share its user contents in any form of communication means available.
    5. Users may download or copy the contents found in YesJokes but only for personal use only and provided that all copyrights are maintained and intact.
    6. Users shall own its own contents before contributing or uploading to YesJokes and by doing so grants YesJokes a non exclusive, royalty free, worldwide, transferable right and license (having the right to sublicense), to use, reuse, modify, share, publish and allow other users to do so in order to provide the services offered by YesJokes.
    7. Users must warrant and agree that they SHALL NOT provide/publish contents that:
      • infringes and violates copy rights and trademarks of another party
      • reveals any trade secrets unless with permission
      • infringes any intellectual property
      • is abusive/offensive/hateful in nature
      • contains nudity or obscene pictures/GIFS/graphic/videos, etc
      • contains illegal activities
      • violates any law
      • is political in nature
      • is sensitive in anyway related to racial, culture and religion
      • contains virus, worm, trojan, or any other malicious scripting and programming that is intended to damage, interrupt, destroy, corrupt or modify any system, data or information.
    8. The 18+ jokes category serves as a guide for users own discretion before viewing where it contains mature jokes. While it should not have any xxx rated contents, YesJokes has no control and holds no responsibility in its users’ contents. However, YesJokes reserves the right to remove inappropriate contents or if such contents are being reported in any categories or languages.
    9. YesJokes is against plagiarism of any kind. References, citations and credit are needed where applicable.
    10. YesJokes has no control and does not monitor the contents posted/published by users and takes no responsibilities for such contents where users releases YesJokes from all liabilities from any contents acquired from the site.
    11. Overall YesJokes reserves the right to remove any users’ contents and suspend or terminate users without any reason and without prior notice besides being allegations/ reporting by any third party.
    12. Certain users’ contents might redirect users to other third party/ non related sites which may contain offensive, inappropriate contents, or even to steal personal information through hyperlink/hypertext or other means. YesJokes has no control and will not be held responsible or liable on any of the materials found or the information you provide and has nothing to do with it.
    13. While the YesJokes site stores users published contents, YesJokes will not be responsible or liable to preserve and store all the contents uploaded. Users are responsible for creating your own copy/back-ups on the contents posted.
    14. Users must provide correct information for registration and may not use the name of another person with the intention to impersonate that person. By any means, YesJokes reserves the right to cancel the registration.
    15. Users must also be responsible for maintaining their own password and accepts full responsibility for their actions where YesJokes is not accountable and to be release of all liabilities.
    16. In the event if there is any suspected theft or unauthorized use of the user account and password, users are to notify YesJokes immediately where appropriate actions will be taken.
    17. Users will indemnify YesJokes founder, directors, employees or any staff harmless including all costs, claims, or demand made which could be due to any violations stated in this agreement or any other reasons whatsoever.
    18. In the event if there are any required payment of fees on the services provided by YesJokes, users shall borne all related fees, taxes and any other applicable charges. All fees are non-refundable unless stated otherwise.
    19. By the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (Malaysia), YesJokes will never sell/give any personal information to any third party whatsoever. YesJokes might send newsletters and updates to its users, however users will also have the option not to receive such newsletters and updates in the future.
    20. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you – the user/subscriber (users), the site and YesJokes. This agreement may also be modified and updated from time to time.
    21. If any of the content provided has been used or exploited in a manner that infringes on any intellectual property or any violations to this agreement, you may email to support@yesjokes.com with the header “Report” and submit the exact link with any supporting documents of evidence (if applicable). Appropriate actions will be taken where the contents will be removed accordingly in good faith or if a repeat offender, the user’s account will be terminated.
    22. If there are any discrepancies between other languages, the English version shall prevail.